Sept 2020 COVID Update

Coronavirus Update – Information for Students, Parents, Staff and Partners

02 September

Learning from September 2020

In line with the government guidelines, we are putting safety measures in place to welcome students back to the college in September 2020. Our aim for the new academic year is to give our students the best college experience whilst keeping them safe. We understand that we are living in a time of uncertainty but our goal is to provide students with all they need to ‘own the change’.

Learning will be delivered through an online, remote and blended approach. We have timetabled on-campus learning carefully with our COVID safety teams to ensure numbers are spread across the college, contained in limited bubbles and capped at a safe number to allow for social distancing.

Our Approach to Keeping Our Community Safe

Keeping our college community of learners and staff as safe as possible is our main priority as you return to or begin your college journey. We are putting in place a number of measures to keep you safe:

  • Bring your own face covering and wear your ID once this is issued
  • You must put both on before approaching the entrance
  • We expect face coverings to be worn in our buildings and in all communal areas – unless you are unable to for medical reasons
  • If you do not have your own face mask, you can purchase one on arrival at college
  • Risk assessment of activities and spaces are being carried out
  • A mix of online, remote and blended teaching and learning approach
  • Learners will be taught in bubbles by building and areas – these will be clearly highlighted on your ID badge
  • A one-way system where possible, please follow markings to maintain social distancing
  • Fixed cleaning protocols are in place
  • Hand sanitisers are at entrances and in common areas – regular hand washing should not be replaced by hand sanitisation
  • Temperature checks are in place at entrances
  • All classrooms have a cleaning kit which can be used as necessary.

If you’d like to start with us in September 2020, search for your course and apply now.

If you have already applied for a course, please finalise your enrolment and secure your place.

For more information on how to apply or securing your place – click here.

On-Campus Guidance For Starting Students

We need your help to keep the college community safe and to prevent the spread of infection. When you are on campus you must:

  • Stay within your allocated bubbles
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wear a face covering inside our buildings and in our communal areas
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue and bin it
  • Only use marked entrances and exits
  • Follow the one-way system, direction signs and keep within your allocated bubble

It will take some time for the ‘new normal’ guidelines to become routine and supporting each other will help to keep everyone safe. If you notice that someone is not following the guidelines, please encourage them in a friendly and polite way and do not take offence to others reminding you.

For more information on our COVID policy, please see below:

  • COVID Code of Conduct
    We will be implementing and strictly enforcing this code from 15 June 2020. Any students that are found to have breached this code will be immediately asked to leave and face further disciplinary action

To ensure we are able to provide the safest possible environment to our students and staff, some facilities and services offered to students on campus has been impacted.


  • Student services
  • IT services
  • College first aiders
  • Emotional support and counselling services
    (By appointment only)


  • All café and canteen facilities
    (Students are advised to bring their own food, snacks and water)
  • All sports and fitness facilities
  • All hair & beauty services
  • Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

In line with the government’s guidance, students are encouraged to limit their use of public transport.

If this cannot be avoided, please be aware that face masks are now required for all commuters from 15 June 2020.

For more information on the latest travel information, please refer to the Transport For London website.

‘Returning to College’ Student Guide