Exams and Assessments 2021

Exams and Assessments Guidance

Ofqual have made available guidance for students taking general, vocational and technical qualifications which outlines the arrangements for awarding this summer. You can read the Student guide to awarding summer 2021 here.


Summer 2021 GCSE exams have been cancelled and student grades will be based on teacher assessment grades (TAGs). Teachers will use evidence of a student’s performance throughout their course to inform their judgement and will determine the grades at the end of the academic year.

Student work will continue to be assessed until grades are determined and students must continue to complete their work. A broad range of evidence will be used across the taught content to determine the grades before being submitted to the exam boards. This will include:

  • Mock papers taken throughout the year and held in exam conditions
  • Work and evidence submitted through Google classroom
  • Completion of Century Tech nuggets
  • We will take into account any additional support requirements as appropriate
  • We will set additional mock exam sessions beginning 17 May 2021. Students must make themselves available to take this assessment.

The exam boards will support with quality assurance in order to ensure grades are consistent.

Students must continue to complete all work until the end of the course and attend all face to face and online lessons as final grades will be calculated using evidence from the whole academic year not just pre-lockdown.

Please see the Ofqual infographics which explain the process of awarding grades in 2021 here.

Summer 2021 – Courses eligible for Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGS)

Some Vocational and Technical courses, e.g. BTECs, NCFE and City & Guilds Technicals etc. will be eligible for Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs), using as evidence the work you have submitted this year. However, it is extremely important to be aware that NOT all qualifications are eligible for TAGs. This all depends on which course you are on and the guidelines provided by the awarding organisation for that course.

Please see the Ofqual infographics which explain the process of awarding grades in 2021 for vocational and technical qualifications here.

Results 2021

Results for qualifications in 2021 where a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) is submitted, will be released on:

10 August 2021 – All L3 Qualifications

12 August GCSE - L2 BTEC and GCSE Qualification

Results will be available from 8:30 am and will be emailed to Student’s college email addresses. Under no circumstances results will be shared with students on their personal email addresses.

Results are dependent on formal moderation from the relevant examination bodies. For Appeals please refer to appeals guidance.

Results for qualifications not eligible for a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) 

Results for qualifications not eligible for a TAG may differ depending on the awarding bodies submission and certification process. For qualifications not eligible for TAGs where exams and assessments are continuing, the results will be released as and when they are processed by the awarding body. You will receive an email confirming your result to your College email address.


The appeals window is now closed.


Certificates will be posted within 3 weeks of them being received by the College. Please note that this is not 3 weeks from the dates that your result is issued, but 3 weeks from when the awarding body prints your Certificate and sends it to us. This is usually in November. The length of time it takes for the Certificates to be sent to us varies, depending on the awarding body and qualification.

It is important that all students make sure the Postal and Personal email address that the College holds for them is up to date, as this is where your Certificates and statement of results will be posted to. Please note, we do not receive GCSE & BTEC Certificates from the awarding body until the first week of November, so you should not expect to receive them before November.