Exam results 2022

Exam results 2022

Results for qualifications in 2022 will be released on:

18 August - All L3 Qualifications

25 August - L2 BTEC & GCSE Qualifications

26 August onwards - All other qualifications

Results will be available from 8:00am and will be emailed to learner’s college email addresses. Under no circumstances will results be shared with learners on their personal email addresses.

Results are dependent on formal moderation from the relevant examination bodies.

Results for qualifications without national exam results

Results for qualifications that do not include a national exam result may differ depending on the awarding bodies submission and certification process. For qualifications where exams and assessments are continuing, the results will be released as and when they are processed by the awarding body. You will receive an email confirming your result to your college email address.


Certificates will be posted within four weeks of them being received by the college. Please note that this is not four weeks from the result issue date, but four weeks from when the awarding body prints the certificates and distributes them to the college. This is usually late September. The length of time it takes for the certificates to be sent to us varies, depending on the awarding body and qualification.

It is important that all learners make sure their postal address that the college holds for them is up to date, as this is where your certificates will be sent to. Please note, we do not receive GCSE & BTEC Certificates from the awarding body until late November, so you should not expect to receive them before December.

Post results services

The below post results services are available for GCSE qualifications only. Please note, the service is per paper. If you would like all papers reviewed, they are charged individually. Your grade can go down as well as up.

  • Review of results (clerical re-check, review of marking and appeals)
  • Access to Scripts

More information regarding the services offered can been seen here.

To request a post result service, please complete the relevant form here.

For any exam related queries, you can contact the exams department at exams@bdc.ac.uk.